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Precautions to Take Post Lockdown

As we are near the end of the lockdown, apprehensions remain if the lockdown period will be extended or not. In any case, whenever the lockdown ends, there will be certain precautions and set of instructions for everyone to heed. Needless to say, the world has now been divided into the Pre-Corona and Post-Corona era, and going forward things are going to be very different – be it socially, economically, financially- in all aspects.

This isolation period would have also seen a rise in domestic violence, sexual abuse, child molestations for those who have predators lurking at home. And needless to say, mental health for many is going to be in shambles. Not only for the victims of these but also for those who have been suffering from a history of anxiety, depression, isolation, obsessive compulsive disorders, chronic illnesses and so on. But it is what it is and acceptance of the situation goes a long way in helping to cope up with the change. But along with that, awareness and gauging the dangers and threats that may lurk post the lockdown is also very important to make sure we are not rushing into an unprecedented situation post-corona which may become unfavourable, causing a bigger pandemonium.

We are in the midst of a global crisis, a pandemic of huge proportions, and we need to take it slow once things get better and the restrictions are lifted. Here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Do not forsake the masks, sanitizers and all the hand washing. Please maintain personal hygiene at all costs. Encourage the house helpers and workers to maintain the same.
  • Avoid crowded places. Even if the theatres, malls and restaurants start to function, do not rush to party. Relaxing the restrictions may not necessarily mean that the virus has been wiped off the face of the earth. Please maintain social distancing while going out. Do not shake hands either.
  • Do not throng religious places or organize gatherings with groups of people. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations can surely wait till next year. Nothing is more precious than health.
  • Schools and classes may start and children are bound to cross the barrier of social distancing and may skip washing hands. Explain subtly that the dangers are still there and make sure that they follow all rules that have been marked mandatory by WHO. Do not allow sick kids to mingle with others. Keep them home till they heal.
  •  If the lockdown has been an overwhelming time and if there has been any case of assault or violence, psychological disturbances, panic attacks, then please reach out for help. Do not be too hard on self.
  •  Be considerate with people who may have been quarantined, healed and discharged after treatment and also with the health workers who have been treating the affected. Do not stigmatize them and isolate them from society. They have been warriors.
  • Corporates and offices may start and all the workplaces need to make sure that necessary precautions are put in place for all employees. Health checks need to be conducted if possible and hygiene standards are encouraged and maintained.
  • Avoid travelling, unless very necessary, especially to affected areas, cities and countries. Cities and villages are going to see an exchange of people from one place to another and all the public modes of transport are going to be crowded. This may result in people infecting each other again and causing a second round of virus spread.

A little awareness and precautions can go a long way in avoiding the spread of the novel COVID-19. Unless it’s declared very safe, please make sure that the above points are adhered to.

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Tasneem Akbari Kutubuddin has done her masters in Journalism & Communication and has worked as a senior journalist, editor and columnist for leading publications like The Logical Indian, Deccan Chronicle, Worldwide Media Corporation, The Bridge and Provoke. With Infano, she hopes to create more awareness about women’s health issues. Suffering with Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, she has also been advocating for its awareness through media.

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