The Two Phases of Your Cycle Are the Two Sides of the Same Coin


The Two Phases of Your Cycle Are the Two Sides of the Same Coin

Are you aware that the phases of the menstrual cycle occur in two stages? Both stages being the flip sides of the same coin, the entire menstrual cycle is very complex. It is influenced by several glands, and the average length of the menstrual cycle is 28-29 days.

However, the time duration of the menstrual cycle can vary from woman to woman. Generally, on average, a girl gets her first period between the age of 11 and 14 years. One can keep a count on their menstrual cycle when the blood starts to come out of the vagina. Preferably the length of the menstrual cycle is assumed to be 28 days and the entire duration of a menstrual cycle can be divided into four main phases menstrual phase, follicular phase, ovulation phase, and the luteal phase.

Menstruation is the elimination of the thickened lining of the uterus through the vagina. Similarly,

the follicular phase starts on the first day of menstruation and completes with ovulation. The

stimulating follicle hormone stimulates the ovary to induce over five to 20 follicles that bead on the surface. Moreover, ovulation is the release of a mature egg from the surface of the ovary and usually happens during the mid-cycle around two weeks before the menstruation begins.

In the Luteal phase, it begins on the 15th day and ends until the completion of the cycle. As per Menstopedia, the egg cells liberate estrogen. The hypothalamus present in the brain recognizes the rising levels and releases a chemical called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). On the other hand, one has to be aware of common menstrual problems like premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, and heavy menstrual bleeding.

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